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Adams Painting, Inc, Painters, Shreveport, LA

Our Policy

Interior Painting/
Paper Hanging Checklist
Exterior Painting Checklist
  1. Thoroughly cover to protect the customer's furniture and belongings:
    • Floors with clean drop cloths
    • Furniture with new, clean plastic drop cloths
    • Doorways to adjoining rooms to contain dust
  2. Inspect all ceilings and walls for cracks, holes and loose paint. Patch with the appropriate  compound, sand patches to smooth out all edges and spot prime. Vacuum any dust created by sanding.
  3. Remove all hardware before painting woodwork.
  4. Remove loose paint from woodwork, sand all woodwork, prime any bare wood, caulk any open seams and remove all dust before enameling.
  5. Inspect all surfaces before finish coating begins.
  6. Request customers approval of finish coating begins.
  7. Request customer approval of finish coat colors before applying them.
  8. Apply primer/sizing before installing wallpaper. Sizing will be tinted to match background color of paper to minimize visibility.
  9. Check all wallpaper upon completion to inspect for loose seams, bubbles and paste film.
  10. Upon completion, walk through the job with the customer to ensure that all surfaces are painted to his/her satisfaction.
  1. Wash any dirty, dusty surfaces to ensure adhesion of new paint. Mildewed surfaces should be washed with bleach solution.
  2. Thoroughly cover to protect from paint splatters all sidewalks, bushes, roofs, patio furniture, fixtures, hardware, screens, etc.
  3. When scraping peeling surfaces, always "feather sand" rough surfaces to soften edges and promote adhesion of new coatings.
  4. Patch or caulk any holes, cracks in siding, and open joints around window casings. Prime patches, and caulk any exposed wood.
  5. Always apply finish coats according to manufacturers' specification without thinning.
  6. Store ladders and equipment in area that is convenient for the customer.
  7. Walk the property with the customer upon completion to ensure his/her satisfaction.
  8. Clean up and remove any debris created by our work.

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