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Know Your Painting Contractor

The following are some tips that may be useful in choosing a painting contractor:

  1. Can the contractor provide a Certificate of Insurance for workers compensation and general libility? Proof of insurance protects you in case an employee was injured on your job or if there was any property damage.
  2. Ask for referrals
  3. Ask how many years the company has been in business.
  4. Ask about the type and quality of paint to be used.
  5. Always get an estimate in writing. Do not rely on a verbal estimate without written backup.
  6. Compare your estimate with other estimates.
    • Compare paint to be used
    • Make sure all necessary prep work is included (Protection of furniture, carpets, floors, other rooms, etc., nail hole repairs, patching, sanding, scrapping, power washing, etc.)
  7. Check to see how many coats the contractor is proposing to apply.
  8. Who is responsible for moving furniture, appliances, etc?
  9. How long will the job take? Will there be more than one painter?  (This is important as well. It will take less time for the work to be completed if there is more than one painter performing the work.)

It is important to compare all aspects of the estimates. If you do not understand any portion of the estimate or an estimate seems too high, call the painting contractor and ask for an explanation. Make sure you know what you are paying for and who is painting for you.

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